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Who We Are

Aelaf Coffee & Tea

Aelaf has always believed in community empowerment. With most of the coffee and tea workers in Ethiopia being women, we recognized the need to coin female empowerment as an essential principle of our company. It was only right to merit the skilled women who work tirelessly in harvesting, washing, and sorting produce. We trust that the empowerment of one community has a ripple effect on larger communities. Thereby, we yearn to be first in line to anyone looking for exquisite produce and a supportive community. At Aelaf, each of our coffee beans and tea leaves is developed to perfection with the utmost care, technique, and excellence. And as our name suggests, we seek infinite reach to connect with our customers beyond borders.

Our Parent Company

Our Team

We are a team of individuals connected through the culture of community. The unwavering commitment of many hands accounts for our outstanding products. Ranging from produce pickers to logistics experts, we have built a company where everyone can feel a sense of belonging and empowerment.


To be the leading distributor of specialty coffee worldwide, successively making specialty coffee a household staple around the world.


We aim to realize each coffee bean’s potential to become specialty coffee, inspiring Ethiopia’s specialty coffee as a universal beverage.

Our Values

We rely on a set of values that serve as the building blocks of our services.


We are committed to providing samples of the actual product to be exported.


Our trusty farmers have mastered the art of conscious and high-quality production.


Our welcoming team puts your experience first.